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Welcome to a more streamlined and comprehensive service!

Absolute Proof’s USP is our bespoke editing service. Instead of our clients choosing between a proofreader and an editor (which offer different areas of editing), we combine these services to provide one fully comprehensive service that is adapted to your needs; 'Proofreading and Editing'.


Some companies ask you to choose either ‘proofreading’ or 'editing' and give prices accordingly. Each service has its own set of items that get checked. But what if you have an incorrectly displayed table in your document that only the editing option would amend? What if you asked for a detailed edit to be made on your work but only a few spelling and grammatical errors were found that a lower cost proofread could have handled? 


Here at Absolute Proof we pride ourselves on putting the client first; providing you with the best editing that you and your writing deserves. You will get the best results from both proofreading and copy editing, without the risk of having a partially edited or incorrectly priced document.

Our tailor-made quotes take into consideration the length of the document/s (word count), the turnaround time and deadline, and the amount of editing required, so you can rest assured that your quote is personal to you and fair. You will never pay for aspects of a service you don’t need.​

We examine every detail of your work:

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Layout

  • Capitalisation

  • Mixed tenses

  • Double spaces

  • Broken characters

  • Inconsistencies in page numbers


  • Typography

  • Widows and orphans

  • Headings

  • Graphs and tables

  • Consistency

  • Areas that lack sense/clarity

  • References within the text

  • Check that text and images match personal/house style

Get in touch today for a no obligation quote!

Feel free to give us an initial test; we're more than happy to prove ourselves.

There is a choice of necessary amendments made using Track Changes or Comments (Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat respectively), history-tracked changes directly onto Google Docs, or just suggested amendments, and we are experienced in proofreading in UK English and US English.

Absolute Proof manages course guides, prospectuses, reports, directories, dissertations, theses, essays, brochures, novels, blogs, webpages, short stories, leaflets, articles, newsletters, cover letters and more.

No project is too big or too small, and every project receives the same high professional standard.


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