David Crisp

Project Manager, Hemsley Fraser

"Communication is amazing with Absolute Proof; very responsive and helpful. The proof quality itself is very good and has been achieved with some very quick turnarounds. Overall, extremely impressed!"

Mike Palmer


“Absolute Proof, I am in awe of your achievement with my work and for bringing the text to a high professional standard. Your area of expertise is alien to me, so I am certainly very, very grateful for the superb job you have done. Thanks to you, my book has been sent off to the printers with my total confidence and contentment. Absolute Proof is a winner!"


Shwan Zulal

CEO, Carduchi Consulting

“Absolute Proof have been instrumental in developing our written reports and have helped our team of editors produce regular reports on Iraq and the region. For the last eight years, Absolute Proof have always been on time and very flexible which has been a huge asset for our team, and over 400 reports have gone out to our clients on time and without a delay, thanks to Absolute Proof." 

Jessica Sander-Moore

Junior Project Lead, Hemsley Fraser

"Your work, speed and response speaks for itself. I did wonder if I should keep you as my secret weapon!"

Ross Knowles

Owner, DevonDents

"I’ve used Absolute Proof multiple times. Great attention to detail, fast and reliable... Perfect!"

Rie Murava

Director, JM Translations

"Absolute Proof have provided us with their services over the past few years. They respond quickly to our enquiries and always deliver on time, even when working to very tight deadlines. We are always very pleased with the quality of their work and look forward to working with them again soon."

Alex White

Marketing Manager, Scope

“Absolute Proof completed two projects for Scope – ‘Ready, Willing and Disabled’, a campaign report, and ‘Speaking For Ourselves’, an oral history project. They were very professional in their approach and turned round a vast amount of work both speedily and accurately."

Colonel JD Reason (Rtd.) OBE


"I approached Absolute Proof with the idea of setting down in book form the story of my life. I learned they were proficient with literary skills and journalistic knowledge and from whom I could gain guidance in producing a book of my memoirs which would be easy to read, interesting and accurate in its content layout.

So together we set out my story, I forwarded handwritten chapters to which they kindly corrected my grammar content and the spelling, and returned to me neatly typed. This task took some 12 months to complete.

I have no hesitation in recommending Absolute Proof for their infinite patience, attention to detail and advice, which they so willingly gave to me in my endeavours."

Alexander Rollings

Director, Cinematographer and Editor, UK

"Great proofreader, highly recommended!"

Tunde O.

Consultant, UK

"Excellent communication. Great working with you!"

Igor G.

Freelance SEO, UK

"From accepting the project to completion, with all the changes - less than four hours. And the slowest part was me, coming back with feedback! Big thanks and all the best!"

Margus T.

Businessman, Estonia

"Excellent and fast editing, I am very pleased with the result."

Bollu M. 

Application Developer, USA

"Very professional."

Ian W.

Sales and Implementation Director, UK

"Responded and delivered an excellent service in lightning fast speed. Thanks for your support once again!"

Helen C.

Businesswoman, Belarus

"Thank you, Absolute Proof! We appreciate your work and time! For future orders we will definitely get back to you!"